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The Big Portal

This image is a remake of one of my favorite images. This scaled-up new variant of The Portal measures approx. 14,000 x 13,000 pixels in size and is different in many ways, both large and small, from The Portal. Here's a thumbnail that's about 1/785th of the area of the actual image.

And here's a tiny snippet from the image in full resolution
(bonus points if you can locate the snippet within the image!):
(Click for many more snippets)

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The Third Wave

This image is my largest so far. At 16,000 x 16,000 pixels, it is amazingly detailed, as you can see from the images linked here. At the typical monitor resolution, this image would measure about 13.3 feet by 13.3 feet so keep that in mind when viewing the full-resolution image fragments, each of which is about one seventh of one percent of the entire work.

First, here's a thumbnail of the full image at 1/1024th of its native area:

Next, we have a single sample in full resolution and a link to several more:

(Click here for more full-resolution snips of this image)

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Nine Stars II

I have been working on larger versions of my favourite images. Here's a new variant of Nine Stars, the full size version of which is 13,998 x 13,998 pixels in size. I am including some full resolution snippets of the artwork so you can get a feel for both the scale of the image and the level of detail throughout the piece. This image isn't for sale yet, largely because I haven't found a printer who can handle, print, and ship such a large image. (I do have the first, smaller, version available up to 4 feet by 4 feet on canvas here).

First, a thumbnail of the image at 1/783rd of its full area:

Next, a primary object segment (more object segments):

Here's a chaotic boundary snippet (more chaotic boundaries):

Last, an example of texture (more texture examples):

Note that this isn't the original Nine Stars, but is instead a new variant that was created from scratch in the larger size. Many details vary from the first version including some color selections and the shapes of the objects themselves.

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The Portal Abstract Art Painting

Fine Art Online

June 22, 2012: Last week someone here in Tallahassee got print #2 of this image in a custom 34.5" x 32" gallery-wrapped canvas. It's the biggest print I've received from my alternate printer and it was just about perfect. Even the signature was tucked precisely and evenly right by the edges in the (bottom right) corner.

April 24, 2012: You can now purchase this image on fine art paper or acrylic panel, and up to 4 feet by (nearly) 4 feet on canvas. Click the image above for ordering details and a larger view with zoom-in capability.

January 26, 2012: I now have print #1 of this image gallery wrapped onto a 20x20 inch frame of .75 inches thick. It is very striking from a distance and quite bright, even in low light areas.

A close-up view shows a strong matrix over the entire background which suggests a barrier preventing the minor objects from bypassing the white center of the portal.

"The Portal" is one of my latest large abstract art digital paintings, created in the late fall of 2011.

The ordering page includes a zoom in feature that allows you to examine any segment of the artwork at very high resolution, enabling you to see a similar level of detail that you would get in a very large canvas.

After you order a print, go to my contact page to request a Certificate of Authenticity which will include the sequence number of your print.

When you order an image directly this way, you will have a 30-day guarantee allowing you to return it if not 100% satisfied.
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